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Learning with Things & Comic Strips #2

For my second comic strip, I have chosen to use a smartboard in the classroom where I am the teacher. While I was at Beachwood Middle School, my teacher used a smartboard in her seventh grade math class. The teacher would teach a lesson with the smartboard then invite students to the board to work…

Learning with Things & Comic Strips #1

For my first comic strip, I created a scene where I am the teacher and my students are using Chromebooks in my classroom. This is based on my observations while at Shaker Heights High School. I was observing a ninth and tenth grade math teacher. At Shaker, the school district provides a Chromebook for each…

Access To Technology-Field Observations

At Shaker Heights High School, there are a few different people who are in charge of technology at the school. There is a director of educational technology who is the overseer for the whole district. And then there are two different individuals who are in charge of technology maintenance in the building of the high…

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